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Coffee machine maintenance is sometimes hard to keep up.  When your coffee machine breaks, you want it fixed right away.  Sometimes you will even go as far as to throw your old machine away and run out to buy a new one right away.  Luckily, you don’t have to do that anymore.  Nelson Appliance Repair will fix your small appliances and save you the high cost of buying something new.

If you would rather do it yourself, Nelson Appliance Repair can help you with that too.  We realize that a lot of our customers would rather perform their own coffee machine maintenance.  Because of this, we also sell a large variety of small appliance parts and are happy to offer helpful advice to any customer that would rather do their own repairs.  In addition to helping customers with personal repairs and purchases, the technicians at Nelson Appliance Repair are forthright and honest about whether or not a repair is actually even needed.  There are times when a repair does not make financial sense and, in those cases, Nelson’s will let you know.

Coffee machine maintenance is not the only thing Nelson Appliance Repair specializes in.  They perform repairs on all types of small appliances, such as vacuums, mixers, blenders, irons, lamps, and even your young child’s Power Wheels car.    There really isn’t much that the people at Nelson Appliance Repair don’t work on when it comes to your small appliances.  They are, without a doubt, the company to turn to when you need a small appliance repair.

Nelson’s has been in the repair business in Colorado Springs since 1957.  Such longevity gives them a level of experience and expertise that other repair companies can’t approach.  At Nelson Appliance Repair, we take coffee machine maintenance and all other small appliance maintenance seriously.  Give us a try the next time one of your small appliances refuses to perform.
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