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When it comes to coffee machine servicing companies, nobody beats Nelson Appliance Repair, Inc.  We pride ourselves on repairing a multitude of different types and styles of coffee machines.  So, what do you do when that dreaded moment happens and your coffee machine breaks?  The process is simple; just bring your appliance into Nelson Appliance Repair when it is convenient for you.  There is no need to make an appointment; the people at Nelson are available during normal business hours, and even for a few hours on Saturday.  Once you drop the machine off, someone at Nelson Appliance will prepare you an estimate for your coffee machine servicing and you can decide whether you would like to have it repaired, or whether it’s time for a new machine.

Think about it, if your refrigerator broke, you wouldn’t just throw it away, would you?  Chances are, you would call a repairman and have it fixed.  This would be especially true if the refrigerator was still under warranty.  Did you know that most small appliances also come with a warranty?  Many people either don’t know about it or don’t take the time to consult the manufacturer’s booklet or website.  The reason for this is that small appliances can be easily replaced.  However, your coffee machine servicing could be free at Nelson Appliance Repair if the original manufacturer warranty I still in effect and valid.

That’s right!  Nelson Appliance Repair honors all manufacturers’ warranties.  This is because they have a long-standing relationship with many manufacturers and are authorized to provide service to appliances in and out of warranty.  Trustworthy and honest, the people at Nelson Appliance repair have their customers’ best interest in mind at all times.  If a repair doesn’t make financial sense, Nelson’s will let you know.  No matter what, with Nelson’s, you have nothing to lose when you bring your small appliance in for repair, such as that coffee machine that needs coffee machine servicing.
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